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    • 03.05.1968 Firstimers (missing)
    • 10.05.1968 Episode No. 2 (missing)
    • 17.05.1968 Episode No. 3 (missing)
    • 24.05.1968 Episode No. 4 (missing)
    • 31.05.1968 Episode No. 5 (missing)
    • 04.06.1968 Episode No. 6 (missing)
    • 11.06.1968 Episode No. 7 (missing)
    • 18.06.1968 Episode No. 8 (missing)
    • 25.06.1968 Episode No. 9 (missing)
    • 02.07.1968 Episode No. 10 (missing)
    • 09.07.1968 Episode No. 11 (missing)
    • 16.07.1968 Episode No. 12 (missing)
    • 23.07.1968 Episode No. 13 (missing)

    • 31.05.1973 With Leslie Crowther, Tony Hatch, Noele Gordon, Clive James, John Smith (missing)
    • 07.07.1973 The New Faces (missing)
  • Series 1
    • 29.09.1973 With Derek Hobson, Mary Whitehouse, Elaine Simmons, Dickie Hurran, Clement Freud (missing)
    • 06.10.1973 With Derek Hobson, Steve Taylor, John Bryant (missing)
    • 13.10.1973 With Derek Hobson, Anthony Waters (missing)
    • 20.10.1973 With Clifford Davis, The Amazing Margoes, Yakity Yak, Noele Gordon, Mickey Most (missing)
    • 27.10.1973 With Derek Hobson, Dri Jinja, Diana Ball, Just Oliver (missing)
    • 03.11.1973 With Derek Hobson, Jean De Both (missing)
    • 10.11.1973 With Odyssey, Jimmy Herbert, Tom Waite, Sue Fisher, Michael Tye-Walker and Corinne (missing)
    • 17.11.1973 With Showaddywaddy, Clement Freud, Phil Fernando, Johnnie Bryan, Lance Harvey (missing)
    • 24.11.1973 With Bokkle Green, Jack Wheeler, Mel Dean, Lisa Dalmain, Terry Chappelle (missing)
    • 01.12.1973 With Roger Blakiston, John and Laurie, Steve Pacitto, Philip John Lee, Les Dennis (missing)
    • 08.12.1973 With Clement Freud, Foggy, John Milner, George Smith, Charlie James (missing)
    • 15.12.1973 With Desmond J and Triangle, Ian MacGregor, Ricki Disoni, Stu Williams, Drops of Brandy (missing)
    • 22.12.1973 With Clifford Davis, St Christopher's Steel Band, Clive Farrow, Noele Gordon, Dickie Hurran (missing)
  • Series 2
    • 13.04.1974 With Sweet Sensation, Clifford Davis, Tony Hatch, Duggie Small, Katie Boyle (missing)
    • 20.04.1974 With McArthur Park, Tony Hatch, Linda Saxone, John Smith, Jack Warner (missing)
    • 27.04.1974 With Nicky Martin, Ted Ray, Cromwell, Katie Boyle, Harry Dickman (missing)
    • 04.05.1974 With Clifford Davis, Julie Dorne, Barbara Kelly, Tony George, Smacky Davis (missing)
    • 11.05.1974 With Scotland, Tony Hatch, Clifford Davis, Lynn Barrie, Dave Penny (missing)
    • 18.05.1974 With Clifford Davis, Dorothy Copeland, D. J. Pope, Tony Hatch, Sheila Sexton
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 25.05.1974 With Arthur Askey, Windmill, Cathy Cota, Clifford Davis, Aiden J. Harvey (missing)
    • 01.06.1974 With Arthur Askey, Neil Hames, Clifford Davis, Michelle Fisher, Tony Hatch (missing)
    • 08.06.1974 With Clifford Davis, Pyramid, Francis Mallon, Tony Hatch, Nicola Christie (missing)
    • 22.06.1974 With Clifford Davis, Jenny Maynard, Tony Hatch, Terry St. Clair, Arthur Askey (missing)
    • 29.06.1974 With Ryan and Ross, Arthur Askey, Seventh Avenue, Clifford Davis, The Hart Family (missing)
  • Series 3
    • 28.09.1974 With Fiesta, Lennie Leighton, Together, Lyn and Alan White, Johnnie Kennedy (missing)
    • 05.10.1974 With The Summer Bees, Tony Hatch, Susan Morris, Arthur Askey, Zenith Hot Stompers (missing)
    • 12.10.1974 With Bobbie Buchanan, Davy Wanda, Eric Fields, Carol Christmas, Chas and Annabel (missing)
    • 19.10.1974 With Ian Noble, Tony Hatch, Bladderak, George Elrick, The Next of Kin (missing)
    • 26.10.1974 With Macauley's, Jean Craig, Jess and The Gingerbread, Barry Lee, Walter Sleight (missing)
    • 02.11.1974 With Malandra Burrows, Stuart Jackson, Kydd, Little Joe, Horizon (missing)
    • 09.11.1974 "Winners' Show"
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 16.11.1974 With Arthur Askey, Patti Flynn, Mickie Most, Avenue, Billy Moocho (missing)
    • 23.11.1974 With Lee and Marie Grant, Mike Jones, Julia Laird, Jimmy Howard, Winter's Tale (missing)
    • 30.11.1974 With Arthur Askey, Jim Cleary and Davies, Soft Parade, Tony Hatch, Peter Crane (missing)
    • 07.12.1974 With New Image, Mickey Most, Len May, Smokey Blue, The Naden Brothers (missing)
    • 14.12.1974 With Tony Hatch, Aura, John Stafford, George Elrick, M-Three (missing)
    • 21.12.1974 With Mickey Most, 20th Century Steel Sound, Moon Williams, Jack Parnell, New Park's Ringers (missing)
    • 28.12.1974 With Jo Vartan, Clifford Davis, Alan A. Freeman, Colin Phillips Combo, Goody Two Shoes (missing)
    • 04.01.1975 With Nicky Martin, Derek Hobson, Tony Hatch, Mickie Most, John Smith (missing)
    • 11.01.1975 With Lenny Henry, Joanna Starr, Tony Hatch, George Elrick, The Winter Brothers
      One or more sequences exist from a recording on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500), but the complete programme is lost.
    • 18.01.1975 With Eddie Idris, Mickie Most, Bosworth, Jack Parnell, Magee MacNamara (missing)
    • 25.01.1975 With Ted Ray, Airport, Denis Maguire, George Elrick, Imperial Bond (missing)
    • 01.02.1975 "Viewers' Winners' Show" (missing)
    • 08.02.1975 With Clifford Davis, Yard of Ale, Martin Jackson, Frank Terenzi, Jack Parnell (missing)
    • 15.02.1975 With How Quaint, Mickey Most, George Elrick, Franco Ansalone, John Robins (missing)
    • 22.02.1975 With Tony Hatch, Lewis and Lord, Son of A Gun, Ted Ray, Prism (missing)
    • 01.03.1975 With Glass Alley, Arthur Askey, Ralph Denby, Mickie Most, Martin Jackson (missing)
    • 08.03.1975 Winners' Show (missing)
    • 15.03.1975 With Jack Parnell, Flaky Pastry, Mickie Most, The Souletts, Pat McClusky (missing)
    • 22.03.1975 With Ted Ray, Krack Of Dorn, John Smith, Cameron James, Silvari and June (missing)
    • 29.03.1975 With Superbad, Mickie Most, Jack Parnell, Tracey Williams, George Elrick (missing)
    • 05.04.1975 With Mickie Most, Rabbit, Tony Hatch, Mitch T. Mitchell, Freddy Anthony (missing)
    • 12.04.1975 With Nova, Arthur Askey, The Allan Neale Bavarian Band, Mickie Most, Roy Peters (missing)
    • 19.04.1975 With Barbara Hermans, Gulliver, Paul Leyton, Dennis Jones, The Honey Christian Duo (missing)
    • 26.04.1975 With Speermint, Bits and Pieces, Sue Ambler, David Kanyat, Adrian Sinclaire (missing)
    • 03.05.1975 Fourth Winners' Show (missing)
    • 10.05.1975 With Highway, Tony Hatch, Derek Jones, Arthur Askey, John Robbins
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 17.05.1975 With Mickie Most, Feminine Touch, Geoff Taylor, Martin Jackson, George Elrick (missing)
    • 31.05.1975 With Ken Stuart, Arthur Askey, John Smith, Sweeney, Ron Martin (missing)
    • 07.06.1975 Viewers' Winners' Edition (missing)
    • 14.06.1975 With Arthur Askey, Kirsten Price Duo, Mike Wade, Jack Parnell, Robbie Lee (missing)
    • 28.06.1975 With Nicky Martyn, Spencer K. Gibbins, Toby, Derek Hobson, Geoff Taylor (missing)
    • 05.07.1975 With Paul Vernon & Glen, Jack Parnell, Steve Cockburn, Ofanchi, Martin Jackson
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 12.07.1975 With Mickie Most, Mr. Leslie Rae, Rainy Day Feeling, Tony Hatch, Marie Toland (missing)
    • 19.07.1975 Winners' Show (missing)
  • Series 4
    • 20.12.1975 With Mickie Most, Vince Earl Attraction, Arthur Askey, Noel Brookes, Jimmy Henney (missing)
    • 27.12.1975 With John Smith, Sounds Familiar, George Elrick, Chas O'Brien, Trevor Hill (missing)
    • 03.01.1976 With Ted Ray, Fair Cop, Martin Jackson, Sheila Bruce, Bollards (missing)
    • 10.01.1976 With Smith & Jones, Mickie Most, Jimmy Henney, Don Collins, Jamboree
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 17.01.1976 With George Elrick, Shaneda, Jimmy Gordon, Jack Parnell, Clifford Davis (missing)
    • 24.01.1976 With John Smith, Lee Harding, Monopoly, Martin Jackson, Gregg Barnes (missing)
    • 07.02.1976 With Jack Parnell, Brandy, Jimmy Henney, Geoff Ridden, Clifford Davis (missing)
    • 14.02.1976 With Marti Stuart, George Elrick, Lionel Blair, Martin Jackson, David Gold (missing)
    • 21.02.1976 With Screemer, Alan A. Freeman, Peter Pan, Mickie Most, Jack Parnell (missing)
    • 13.03.1976 With Arthur Askey, Sheer Delight, David and Tony Webb, Alan A. Freeman, Jim Davidson (missing)
    • 20.03.1976 With Whiskey Mac, Ted Ray, Jimmy Henney, Jack Lillie, Tony Hatch (missing)
    • 03.04.1976 With Clifford Davis, Martyn Thrussell, Arthur Askey, Cissy Stone Band, Noel Edmonds (missing)
    • 10.04.1976 With Ray Karron, Alan A. Freeman, Rick and Pam Maskell, John Smith, Wilderspoon (missing)
    • 17.04.1976 With Duo Mikenos, Martin Jackson, George Elrick, Sun, Savannah (missing)
    • 01.05.1976 With Mickie Most, Our Kid, Eve Bridger, Lionel Blair, Alan A. Freeman (missing)
    • 08.05.1976 With Tony Hatch, Martin Jackson, Cops, Johnny Cleveland, George Elrick (missing)
    • 12.06.1976 With Tony Hatch, Ann Sheridan, John Hutchinson, Johnnie Hamp, Noel Edmonds (missing)
    • 19.06.1976 With Gingham, Mickie Most, Earlene Bentley, Lionel Blair, Shaw Taylor (missing)
    • 10.07.1976 With Greengage, Mickie Most, Les Cocks, Heather Whittaker, Johnny Rich
      One or more sequences exist from a recording on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500), but the complete programme is lost.
    • 17.07.1976 With Sheila Lawrence, Alan A. Freeman, Ash, Jimmy Henney, Glen Curtin (missing)
    • 24.07.1976 With Mickie Most, Linda's Latin Lovers, Bodean, Noel Edmonds, Shaw Taylor (missing)
    • 31.07.1976 New Faces Gala Final (missing)
  • Series 5
    • 18.09.1976 With Lee Wilson, Martin Jackson, Mosaic, Tony Hatch, Jack Mozelle (missing)
    • 25.09.1976 With Jimmy Henney, Twice Bitten, Peter Prichard, Dave Beard, Libra
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 02.10.1976 With John Smith, Trinity, Mickie Most, Muriel Young, Lionel Blair (missing)
    • 16.10.1976 With Brenda and Gray, Tony Blackburn, Maddison, Jimmy Henney, Mickie Most (missing)
    • 23.10.1976 With Azala, Mickie Most, Les Reed, Les Ames, Penny Farthing (missing)
    • 06.11.1976 With Medium Wave Band, Mickie Most, Billy Beck, Peter Prichard, Blue Harmony (missing)
    • 13.11.1976 With Dragons Playground, Tony Hatch, Eddie Archer, Muriel Young, Lyn Richard (missing)
    • 27.11.1976 With Tony Hatch, Two's Company, Corkscrew, Shaw Taylor, Lionel Blair (missing)
    • 01.01.1977 With Brother Kip, Peter Prichard, Martin Jackson, Siobhan McManus, Benny Yorke (missing)
    • 08.01.1977 With Joe Loss, Lucky Numbers, Steve Collins, Jimmy Henney, Tricia Parnell (missing)
    • 15.01.1977 With Maxwell Plumm, Lionel Blair, Dave Curtis, John Smith, David Tomkins and Friends (missing)
    • 22.01.1977 With Guy Kent, Les Reed, Lynch And Lawson, George Elrick, Muriel Young
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 05.02.1977 With Reno, Lionel Blair, Laraine Lee, Mickie Most, Shaw Taylor (missing)
    • 12.02.1977 Winners' Show
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 19.02.1977 With The Vintage Hot Orchestra, Peter Prichard, Gil Gerado, Shaw Taylor, Rosalie Horner (missing)
    • 26.02.1977 With Peter Prichard, The Bob Clarke Ensemble, Peter Collins and Style, Jimmy Henney, Lionel Blair (missing)
    • 05.03.1977 With Clifford Davis, Lee Curtis and Vision, Alan A. Freeman, Mickie Most, Muriel Young (missing)
    • 12.03.1977 With Jack Parnell, Don Shepherd Trio, Peter Prichard, Susan Wilson, Mother Nature's Children (missing)
    • 19.03.1977 With Les Reed, Ding-A-Ling, John Smith, Les Wilson, Tina (missing)
    • 26.03.1977 With Jimmy Henney, Our Kid, Martin Jackson, Tony Kent, Mickie Most (missing)
  • Series 6
    • 10.09.1977 With Hilary Kingsley, Sandi Ann Leigh, Mickie Most, Intercity Union, Peter Prichard (missing)
    • 17.09.1977 With Indiana, Ken Irwin, Jon Jon Keefe, Jack Parnell, Vernon and Maya
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 24.09.1977 With Bobbie-Jo West, Tony Blackburn, The Artful Dodgers, Don Maclean, The Sheratons (missing)
    • 01.10.1977 With Trinity, Muriel Young, Lionel Blair, James Pacer and Pattern, Marie Sherry (missing)
    • 08.10.1977 With Tony Hatch, East End, Dave Arnold, Ray Elllington, Fred Norrie (missing)
    • 15.10.1977 With Chas Martin, Jack Parnell, Shaw Taylor, The Sprinklers, Bridie Reid
      The only known complete copy was recorded on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500).
    • 22.10.1977 All Winners Show (missing)
    • 29.10.1977 With Mickie Most, Reunion, Michael Aspel, Annie Bright, Muriel Young (missing)
    • 05.11.1977 With Flash, Tony Hatch, Nick Barry, George Elrick, Sweet Inspiration
      One or more sequences exist from a recording on a domestic video format (e.g. VHS, Beta, Philips 1500), but the complete programme is lost.
    • 12.11.1977 With Formula Five, Jimmy Henney, Hercules, Mickie Most, Peter Prichard (missing)
    • 19.11.1977 With Bazz Harris, Lionel Blair, Chuck Ford, Tony Hatch, Les Reed (missing)
    • 26.11.1977 With Abbott, Mickie Most, Brian Edwards, Terry Wogan, Bill Nixon (missing)
    • 03.12.1977 With Dry Ice, Tony Hatch, Rosalie Horner, Frank Lee, Peter Prichard (missing)
    • 10.12.1977 With Tony Blackburn, Alan James, Mickie Most, Poacher, Amanda Paul (missing)
    • 17.12.1977 With Mickie Most, The Jady Jay Trio, Jack Parnell, Brian Carroll, Barnaby Rudge (missing)
    • 24.12.1977 Winners' Show (missing)
    • 31.12.1977 With Dave Wills, Peter Prichard, Danny La Rue, Hercules, Mike Johnson (missing)
    • 08.01.1978 With Gary Wilmot & Judy, Muriel Young, Les Reed, Dave Dee, Sal And El (missing)
    • 15.01.1978 With Danny La Rue, Harry Pitch, Michael Aspel, Pinky Steede, Clown (missing)

    • 16.08.1947 Episode No. 1 (missing, believed never to have been recorded)
    • 20.09.1947 Episode No. 2 (missing, believed never to have been recorded)

  • Series 1
    • 27.07.1966 With Bob Monkhouse, The New Faces, The Beat Girls, Sid Boatman, Laurie Holloway (missing)

    • 17.10.1965 With Jimmy Tarbuck, Jack Parnell and his Orchestra, The Palladium Dancers, Michael Bentine, Eddie Calvert (missing)

    • 06.04.1968 With Tony Blackburn, The New Faces, The Honeybus (missing)

    • 25.12.1967 With Roy Budd, Vince Hill, New Faces, Malcolm Roberts, Andee Silver (missing)

  • Series 2
    • 20.01.1968 With Rolf Harris, Georgie Fame, Roy Budd, The New Faces, Daniel Rémy (missing)

    • 14.04.1968 With Des O'Connor, Carol Dilworth, The New Faces, Andrea Lloyd, Reverend John Bebb (missing)

  • Series 1
    • 01.11.1965 With The New Faces, Elkie Brooks, The Three Bells, Peter London, Chris McClure (missing)

  • Series 2
    • 13.08.1967 With Frankie Vaughan, The New Faces, Les Dawson, Tanya, Jenda Smaha (a domestic audio recording exists of the soundtrack, but the programme itself is missing)

  • Series 2
    • 01.12.1967 The New Faces (missing)

  • Series 5
    • 23.05.1967 With The New Faces, Jack Douglas, Len Lowe, Ian Wilson, Jack Parnell and his Orchestra (missing)
  • Series 6
    • 28.10.1967 With Freddie Frinton, Jack Douglas, The New Faces, Jack Parnell and his Orchestra, The Mike Sammes Singers (missing)

  • Series 10
    • 24.04.1967 New Faces for Old (missing)

  • Crackerjack 72
    • 03.03.1972 With Heather Barbour, Stuart Sherwin, Michael Aspel, Little and Large, Elaine Paige (missing)
    • 31.03.1972 With Heather Barbour, Stuart Sherwin, Michael Aspel, Little and Large, Elaine Paige (missing)
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