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The Greatest UK TV Sitcoms

A PDF download book version.


Available now.


This DOES NOT contain the DVD Comedy Makers.


If you want the print book and DVD set see a separate entry on TV Brain to order there.


Over 400 pages of detail about the greatest UK TV sitcoms with a Foreword by Aaron Brown.


Top Pop 1964-2006

A history of Top of the Pops.


High Drama

Rex Firkin - My Life in Television.


Mr Nationwide

Television, radio, commercial video and journalism have provided Michael Barratt with a rollercoaster career. His successes and failures are charted with refreshing honesty in his new book, Mr Nationwide.


The British Television Comedy Research Guide 1936-2011

This book is a must-have for anybody interested in British comedy. It’s also the only book to comprehensively list untransmitted comedy pilots.


The British Television Music & Light Entertainment Research Guide 1936-2012

The Bay City Rollers, The Spice Girls, Roxy Music, The Beatles, Take That, Slade, Tina Turner, Des O’Connor, Jack Jackson, Count Basie, Kylie Minogue, Jethro Tull and many many others are all currently appearing in The British Television Music & Light Entertainment Research Guide 1936-2012


Serial Thrillers

The story of Paul Temple, Dick Barton – Special Agent, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, Journey Into Space and the adventure serial on British radio.


The British Television Pilot Episodes Research Guide 1936-2015

A Research Book by Simon Coward, Richard Down and Chris Perry.


The Kaleidoscope British Christmas Television Guide 1936-2020

Information about TV programmes shown at Christmas.