From the Archive Episode 11: Dad’s Army 50th Anniversary

Permission to upload a new episode of the podcast Sir!
Link at bottom of description! We could litter the description of this episode with loads of famous Dad’s Army catchphrases but this series is so much more than that. Now, 50 years after its first broadcast, it is still entertaining people around the world with a very healthy following. We wanted to celebrate this series!

First off, we wanted to talk with someone from the cast of the show and immediately Frank Williams came to mind! Frank perfectly played the role of the Vicar from Series 3 onwards. He graciously gave us his time to talk with him and he didn’t disappoint! He talked extensively about his time on Dad’s Army, The Army Game, writing and acting in general!

In keeping with the archive theme to this podcast, we had wonderful conversation with Martin Geraghty. Martin worked on the animated Dad’s Army episode “A Stripe for Frazer” as well as on the animated Doctor Who stories “The Power of the Daleks” and “Shada”. We talk about all of it.

Finally, you may hear some Dad’s Army rarities. We just wanted to sprinkle some stuff in the episode that maybe most of you have not heard before that might make this episode just a little extra special!

If you have feedback or questions you would like to have read on the podcast or general inquiries, please contact us at We would love to hear from you! This podcast is a co-production between From the Archive: A British Television Blog and Kaleidoscope.

Thank you for listening.

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