The Thrilling Adventures of Sexton Blake Often referred to as ‘The poor man’s Sherlock Holmes’ or ‘The schoolboy’s detective’, Sexton Blake h.. Product #: KP11 based on 1 reviews Regular price: $39.99 $39.99

The Thrilling Adventures of Sexton Blake

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In this book, Paul V. Ross explores the character’s journey from the written word to the media of theatre, cinema, radio and television. With fond memories from those involved with the Rediffusion/Thames television series as well as the BBC Radio series, the book touches upon the technical and human origins of these productions using rare documents, scripts and photographs, many of which have never been seen in print before. Along with information and pictures of rare Sexton Blake merchandise including bubble gum cards and a self-contained comic strip story from the Valiant, not to mention the complete script of a lost Sexton Blake episode, this book promises the reader a compelling glimpse back in time to relive Sexton Blake.

Additional Information
Author Paul V. Ross
Spine Hardback
Number of pages 280
D.Wells on 30-03-2023 11:03 PM
A superb, well written book.
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