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Conan Doyle: Mystery and Adventure

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best remembered for Sherlock Holmes, a character who has been portrayed on screen more than any other. But he was also a prolific author of what is today known as genre fiction. One of his greatest admirers was John Hawkesworth, the celebrated scriptwriter and producer, who would go on to develop for television Granada’s Sherlock Holmes. But their association began much earlier, in 1967, with a long-forgotten but historically significant BBC TV series, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

In 1967, a little-known scriptwriter by the name of John Hawkesworth adapted thirteen short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for BBC2. Though critically acclaimed and award winning, the series was junked in the 1970s and is largely lost to the mists of time. But it was the start of an association between dramatist and author that would last twenty-five years, reaching its pinnacle with the celebrated Granada Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett.

Conan Doyle: Mystery and Adventure recreates the largely missing television series as never before. Drawing on the surviving scripts, production files, and the Hawkesworth archive, it provides an in-depth appreciation of a lost moment in television history, filling gaps in the story of Hawkesworth’s stellar career and the tale of Conan Doyle on screen.


In this richly illustrated new book, Mark Jones examines the clues to recreate the story of the lost series, of which only one episode survives. Drawing on production files, correspondence, and the Hawkesworth archive, Conan Doyle: Mystery and Adventure combines television history and Doylean scholarship to tell the tale of what happened when the foremost dramatist of one generation met the greatest storyteller of another.


Released 5th August 2023. Pre-order now.



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